Nepal EQ Relief Trip - Preparation - Preparation II - 18 May 2015

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Preparing our relief materials - 18 May 2015

We were at Changi warehouse last Saturday to do a 2nd round of repacking after instructions from airline to make smaller packages so that the goods can be shipped easier and faster. So there we go again with 2 muscular volunteers who sacrificed the whole of their precious Saturday to help us, shrink-wrapping each and every box. All of us ended up with muscle ache all over our bodies and sore shoulders because those goods were super heavy. 

Our goods will be shipped within the next couple of days! Pray that all will be well-delivered and received in Kathmandu.

We will keep everyone posted. :)

Loads of groundsheets.
Cartons and cartons of tents.
Tarpulin donated by Jeremy & family from Sin Seng Guan
Tents that can shelter many.
Our young volunteers who sweat it out under the hot weather to help us.