School@ Chitwan Nepal

Distribution to school @Chitwan, Nepal

A project led by OPRJ member, Satine Huang.

Just before embarking on this leisure-cum-charity trip to Nepal end of Nov, I came to know a generous and kind boss @Maggie Byahut. Like me, Maggie is a Taiwanese living in Singapore. When she came to know that I have been involved in various projects with Operation Rejoice #OPRJ for past years, she invited me to her company warehouse to select children’s educational toys and stationery in support of a charity. 🥳 After some conversation privately, I learned that Maggie often supports teachers in their purchases (in many ways) with the aim that these teachers can teach better with resources. Awwwww.... who said there’s no warmth in our society. 🥰 I hope her business #happyisland will continue to prosper and can help even more people going forward.

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Guide for this trip: Wild Nabin- Your Nepal Trip:


因為有你們,有孩子還有老人家們,這趟旅行更有意義,在開滿黃澄澄的油菜花季節,我們陪著自己和尼泊爾的孩子們吹了氣球,發送還有製作愛心老闆娘Maggie 捐贈的文具和風車,還有分送其他愛心朋友捐贈的牙膏,牙刷,襪子和手套給他們渡過了愉快的寒冬,捐贈物資共給予兩家都有七,八個孩子的土屋貧戶,一所只有五間教室近50個學生的偏遠小學還有一間約30個小朋友的托兒所,希望大家不虛此行,更富足了和家人,孩子旅行的意義。