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Little Wangmu: OPRJ raised USD8000 Medical Fees for Little Wangmu...


《小Wangmu 失救后, 我们联络了功德主, 大家都同意让悦。动 (Operation Rejoice) 处理剩余的善款。我们便决定捐赠一台洗衣机和烘干机给Hetauda 社区医院。 

悦。动 (Operation Rejoice) 2017年12月 在 Hetauda 社区医院办了一场 1000个白内障手术活动。那时我们就发现医院的资源欠缺,尤其是在卫生方面 - 冬天时根本来不及清洗病人的手术袍。 为了利益更多的病患,悦。动就捐了洗衣机和烘干机。》

At the same time, Little Wangmu, a young eye cancer patient that Operation Rejoice was sponsoring for her medical expenses, has passed away. We raised USD8000 for her medical expenses (to be paid directly to various hospitals by Mr Furba on behalf of OPRJ). There were about SGD3000 left, and the donors have generously left it to the discretion of Operation Rejoice. 

We made the decision to buy the washing machine and dryer in memory of her to benefit the patients of the hospital. Hetauda Community Hospital operates on thousands of eyes every year during outreaches that benefit the needy. Dec 2017, Operation Rejoice did a 1000-cataract surgery outreach at Hetauda Community Hospital. During the 4 days of outreach, it was apparent that the hospital was facing challenges meeting its hygiene needs. One quick way to solve it was to add on a washing machine and a dryer.

Once again, we like to thank those who have donated towards Little Wangmu’s medical expenses, easing her family financial woes. 

Little Wangmu’s mommy is currently pregnant, we wish her family the best and blessed with a strong and healthy baby.