School Visits, Nepal 2016

3rd School (Shivalaya) is ready for visit. At the same time we will also visit our 1st school (about 10 mins away)  

 Thank you donors for giving a roof over the children' heads. They can now study in a safe and clean environment.

Start of our 11 hours journey...

I had to request for driver to visit this young lady on the way back to Kathmandu. 2015 Dec myself, and Janice were stranded on the road for a good 7 hours (vehicle broke down and driver had to take a bike back to Kathmandu to get spare parts.. etc)... this lady and her grandma were so kind to show us hospitality with a warm cup of milk tea and friendship. On the way back, it was too late but i promised her i'll bring her some stationery and warm clothes... In 2016, i kept aside some items and made sure we visit them! They were delighted to see us, definitely not expecting anything in return. 

my mom loves the girl! hahaa too bad i do not have any younger brother!