Seeing Hope, Cambodia 2019

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350 Eyesight restored

In collaboration with Khmer Sight Foundation..


Absolutely my favorite pictures of the Camp. Dr Chhunhuot Cheng coaxed an elderly who was too afraid to go through the surgery, promising to give her a lollipop after the surgery... Here, he's giving it to him. His humbleness and compassion - I've not seen it in all the surgeons I've met over the years. He's a good man! and available at the time of print hahaaa! 


Operation in Progress.

Volunteers are allowed to take close up view of the operation to know more about the wonderful work of the surgeons involved.  


Volunteers helping in all stations of the camp...  



















Our youngest volunteer of the trip (15-year-old), trained to take IOP of patients. 


Our 2 oldest volunteers ... their job is to supervise us and have fun!

They walked around to talk to patients although... they do not speak the same language. LOL 


We practice and test on ourselves to build confidence! No one is harmed in the process...


Not only do we take care of their eyes, we also take care of their transport, accommodation and meals. 




Our old friend, Tracy, happened to be in Cambodia for a business trip and paid us a visit!

We made new friends in Cambodia! He's our kueh (cake) supplier... We were introduced to Mr Sean Puthearith for his delicious traditional Khmer cake.

We showed Mr Rith what exactly we were doing and he brought his mom in for an eye check on that afternoon, 2 neighbour on 2nd day and another neighbour on 3rd! Not only did he create awareness, he started cleaning up the place for us too! 😂 I couldn’t let such a good man swim away! Gave him a KSF tees and he shall help out as translator in the future!

If you’re based in Phnom Penh, do give him some support in his business នាឡិ ខណ្ឌដូនពេញ - Neal dounpenh

Thank you sponsor Trevor and AC Chua

So delicious!!! Do support him if you need traditional cakes when u are in PP. 
Sponsorship for snacks for volunteers and patients:
Day 1 : Mr Chua Ah Chye & family  /  Day 2: Mr Trevor Chew & family



Eye tests for volunteers on the last day of camp



Our farewell meal together. A beautiful ending to the trip!



 His Royal Highness of Cambodia, Prince Tesso, hosted us on a private tour to the Royal Palace.  


OPRJ collected about 450kg of pre-loved from Singaporeans and delivered to these poor villages in Cambodia. 

We collaborated with a Singaporean lady, Melinda Lim, who is doing missionary work in Cambodia. She and her wonderful team helped deliver and distribute the items on Christmas day. 

PS: Operation Rejoice is non-religious. We bring your pre-loved to where it is needed. Regardless of gender/religion/race.