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At the beginning of the COVID 19 period, we sent some supplies to hospitals and ambulance services.. well not because they need the items but it's to show encouragement/ appreciation. 

Notes are written by Gwyneth Chew and her classmates at Crescent Girls School

Items include Drinks from Allswell & Red Bull, Salon Pas Medical Patches, etc

Ambulance service that tirelessly serviced the nation during COVID-19 - HOPE Ambulance 


We sent these drinks and food to the frontline fighters who’ve been battling the fire since 14 Feb 1.30am. Thanks to Allswell for sponsoring the cartons of Red Bull drinks.

Special mentions to:
1. Ms Jenny from Allswell
2. U Stars Mega Mart at 218 Sumang Place
Jenny and her team went through the trouble to loan cartons of Red Bull from U Stars mega mart to sponsor to our Mission. The stock would be returned when the warehouse opens on Monday. 

Kindness and generosity from all those involved helped made the mission successful. 


Chung Hwa Medical was asking for masks donation else they would have to cease operation for the time being.. so we sent some masks over :)