How to Contribute

Operation Rejoice is special to many donors because 100% of your donation goes to beneficiaries. 

Founder Zwen and Janice hold full time jobs; they manage Operation Rejoice purely for humanitarian purposes.

They self-paid 100% of their own travel expenses to bring humanitarian help to the needy. 

When choosing the method of donation, we do hope that you can choose the one that has ZERO or closer to zero administrative charges.

Note: If you like to specifically choose which project the donation is for, please indicate, otherwise it would be taken for Seeing Hope currently running project:

Seeing Hope (cataract surgeries) /SafeWater (water filtration systems) / GiftEducation (School Rebuilding / Programme - related)


BANK TRANSFER (0% Admin charges)

Maybank Corporate Account

Name: Operation Rejoice

Account No:  04041081496

Please send your name and printscreen of the transfer to +65 9699 8995 and a receipt will be issued.

This is really important because we want to make sure every donation is accounted for. 


CHEQUE Payment  (0% Admin charges)

Payable to: Operation Rejoice

Please write your name and phone number at the back of the cheque and a receipt will be issued.

[Mailing address: please WhatsApp Zwen at +65 96998995 for mailing address]


ONLINE Payment by PayPal  (PayPal surcharges) 

Honestly, we do not prefer this if you have account in Singapore and Malaysia because of the surcharge. However, if this is the only way you can donate, please contact us for PayPal account.